Nut and Bolt Shop – Online supplier of nuts, bolts, screws and fasteners | Nut and Bolt Shop – Online supplier of nuts, bolts, screws and fasteners Nut and Bolt Shop are an Australian owned & operated Sydney company specialising in the online supply of bolts, nuts, allied & associated products.

U-Bolt-It supplies high quality metric bolts to all industries, including metric grade 8.8 bolts. We stock a full line of metric 8.8 bolts, and work with the top manufacturers in the industry to provide the highest quality bolts for our clients.

onto the cart frame using four M6 x 35mm Carriage Bolts (L), Washers (O) and Nuts (N) as shown. Ensure that the water inlet is on the same end as the wheels. Water inlet for 400 ft. Garden H ose o ITEM NUMBER. Basket – 1 Piec Leader Hose – 1 Piece MS x 35mm Carriage Bolt – 16 Pieces x 35mm Bolt – 1 Piece M6 Nut – 17 Pieces ø6 Washer – 17 Pieces

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In the case of an M6 fastener, the ‘M’ signifies an ISO Metric thread and the ‘6’ signifies the nominal diameter. Our metric range of fasteners have the standard coarse pitch unless otherwise stated. A coarse pitch M6 bolt or screw will screw into any coarse pitch M6 nut.

Hex Bolt Full Thread M6 x 35mm in Brass – ISO 4017 (DIN 933) Commonly referred to as a setscrew or simply as a bolt. The fully threaded iso 4017 or DIN 933 should not be confused with it’s DIN 931 equivalent.

The bracket now needs to be connected to the tripod post using a nut and screw. Make sure that the bracket is. and attach either side loosely onto the sides of the hanger. Use a 35mm film canister.

As the Senna is the lightest McLaren since the F1, Woking went nuts with its lotusing. A shining example is that the six-piston brake calipers don’t feature the raised McLaren logo seen on a 720s.

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Browse our extensive collection of nuts and bolts to find the perfect fixings for tasks of all sizes. Whether you need to install a lock on the bathroom, fit new kitchen units or mount elegant frames on your new feature wall, we have the tools for the job.