In addition to this course all applicants for a Road Race Licence must. You must bring a completed ACU Road Race Licence Application Form with you,

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Information on licenses, renewals, fees, rules and regulations for Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine Practitioners.

If using an ACU licence you must be 18 years of age or older and if using a Scottish ACU licence you MUST bring your passport to confirm your age.

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An ACU Licence Application form 2020 (see Top Right, when available) Your form should also have the eye test report completed (see p2 of the form) before you do your CTC/BRA Course. We (or whoever you do your course with) will stamp the reverse of the Licence Application Form to show you have successfully completed both parts of the course.

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The new online licence or trials registration system is now available from the ACU. When you join a club, the Membership Secretary will give you a unique number to prove that you have joined a club. Go online HERE and you can bring up your details using your licence number.

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ACU Training Course for Road Race Licence Applicants As part of the ACU’s ongoing policy of rider development and education, and in line with requirements as laid down in the 2015 ACU Handbook, all first time applicants for Road Race Licences must undergo a classroom training course and a basic riding ability test.

Acudetox Eligibility Certification Requirements. Information on licensure requirements is available under Board Rules Section Chapter 183, Section 183.14 Acudetox Specialist. The following is paraphrased from that rule; we encourage you to read the entire rule itself. Submit application online, and pay the $52 application fee

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