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Understand the sizes, strengths and more of fasteners.. Conversions, Hardness , Thread Pitch, Tensile Strength. The tables. screw size Conversion Chart.

A screw thread, often shortened to thread, They simply refer to the size of the threads relative to the screw diameter.. In the case of female threads, tap drill charts typically specify sizes that will produce an approximate 75% thread. A 60% thread may be appropriate in cases where high.

After printing, measure the scale check below to ensure correct scale. Shoulder Bolt Size Chart. 1/8". 3/16". 1/4". 5/16". 3/8". 1/2". 5/8". 3/4". 1". #4-40 Thread.

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American inch-based screw thread series, used in bolts, machine screws, threaded holes in castings, and so forth. Threads per inch, diameters of clearance holes, size of tap drills, and size of nuts.

Bolt patterns with an even number of lugs are measured from bolt center to bolt center while 5 lug bolt patterns are measured from the top of the upper lug to the center of the lower lug. To find your bolt pattern, measure the distance as accurately as possible and then find the corresponding bolt pattern in the conversion table below.

Microsoft Word – External & Internal Thread Dimensions for UNF Screw Thread 2016 Created Date: 20160320204611Z

Whether it’s for standard metric or imperial measurements, our simple-to-read bolt thread length chart makes understanding thread length easy. Toggle Menu menu free standard Shipping* *In the Continental US

TAP & DRILL CHART Tap Size Drill Size probable % ThreaD 0 – 80 3/64 71 – 81 M1.6 x .35 1.25 mm 67 – 77 1 – 64 53 59 – 67 M2 x .4 1/16 72 – 79 1 – 72 53 67 – 75 2 – 56 51 62 – 69 2 – 64 50 70 – 79 M2.5 x .45 2.05 mm 69 – 77 3 – 48 5/64 70 – 77 3 – 56 46 69 – 78 4.

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When compared to UTS, 6g metric threads will be very similar to a 2A UTS bolt in terms of thread fit. UTS bolts that have diameters of less than 1/4 inch are provided gauge numbers, but inch measurements are used between 1/4 and 1 inch sizes. The second number of a UTS bolt designates the threads per inch (TPI).