Mental Ducati with very low mileage. It looks stunning in the Ducati red with the Termignoni, which sounds awesome. All our used bikes undergo a 21-point check, are serviced to manufacturers standards.

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When it comes to the Hypermotard 1100 EVO, Ducati has adhered to a tried-and-tested formula grounded on minimalism and functionality. The Hypermotard’s unique and innovative design stands out head and.

The engine behind them is the already consecrated 1100 DS, an 1100 cc two-valved V-Twin present on the Ducati Hypermotard and Ducati Multistrada 1100 as well. Exclusive features such as the Y-spoke.

Not surprisingly, then, Ducati has just released all the details on the 2010 Hypermotard 1100, and it’s got all the right boxes checked: 15 pounds lighter, five more horsepower and an $11,995 starting.

The supermoto Ducati Hypermotard 950 has arrived and comes with 114hp from its 937cc motor with its “fun Bike” image which Ducati claims that it comes with the performance of a dirt bike and soul of a.

That was the morning I fell in love with sport riding and the morning I fell in love with the Ducati Hypermotard. (Full Disclosure. “Do they come up to wheelie like the old 1100 or is it more of an.

The design of the Hypermotard came from the pen of Ducati’s controversial stylist Pierre Terblanche, first debuting in November of 2005 as a concept bike. It was notable in two ways: it was an immediate hit with the crowds at motorcycle shows and it looked relatively easy to put into production.

We’re going to get ahead of ourselves a little bit with our review of the new Ducati Hypermotard 1100 EVO SP. We spend lots of time riding various two- and four-wheeled vehicles, and very few – indeed.

MCN’s Michael Neeves has been testing Ducati’s 796 Hypermotard in Italy, here he reveals the raft of changes that make the 796 Hypermotard a superior machine to the 1100 Hypermotard.