kawasaki er5 Kawasaki Ninja 400R The Kawasaki Ninja 500R (which was originally named, and is still referred to as the EX500 and is known as the GPZ500S in some markets) is a sport bike with a 498 cc (30.4 cu in) parallel-twin engine , part of the Ninja series of motorcycles manufactured by Kawasaki from 1987 to 2009, with a partial redesign in 1994.

The right size diaper for a baby is, simply put. Many feel like they’re failures when they screw up and have to start anew.

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Nose Ring Sizing: How to Get a Perfect Fit.. Neither of these are a bad thing, but if this is true for you, finding the right size nose screw may be difficult. Switching to a nose bone style is a quick and easy fix. If that isn’t a comfortable enough option for you, then try a screw.

How to Measure a Torx Bit. Textron’s line of Torx-head bits and screwdrivers are designed to be used specifically with Torx-head screws. The bits are six-point splines, the individual sizes of which are measured in a standard known as "T-sizes." If you ever come across a Torx bit that’s mislabeled or.

5 Ways to Remove a Stripped Screw: We’ve all been there; clumsily fumbling with a screwdriver trying to remove a screw only to notice that it’s been stripped, either by your hands in haste or left behind by a previously frustrated repairer. I guess the screw is there for good, righ.


The screw length is measured from the end of the nail until the head area in millimeters. The types of screws are oval-head, which is oval-shaped protrudes in a semi-circle and the flat-head screw, which displays a level surface and is the easiest to measure. A ruler or a tape measure can be used to measure the length of the screw.

How to size machine screws. Getting the right size machine screw for your project can be a frustrating experience. Not only do you need to know the diameter and length of the screw, you also need to know the thread pitch, or number of threads per inch. Screws of the same diameter with a different thread.