The M12 Power connectors are suitable for cable diameters from 6.5 mm to 13 mm and connection cross sections from 1.5 mm² to.

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The M8 will measure about 8 mm in diameter, more likely, just a touch undersize, (.31496") The M10, about 10 mm in diameter, (.3937") and the M12 about 12 mm in diameter, (.4724"). The "M" designates the bolt is Metric and the number after the M indicates the size.

Metric Threads. There are two kinds of ISO metric threads: coarse and fine.. The ISO metric thread profile and proportions are as follows: . Metric Thread Pitch and Tapping Sizes

Thread Size: Tap Drill (mm) Thread Size: Tap Drill (mm) Thread Size: Tap Drill (mm)

Metric Nuts, Bolts Washers and fasteners high grade metric nuts, bolts, washers and fasteners in stock and ready to ship. Northeast Fasteners is a supplier of quality nuts, bolts, screws, washers and specialty fasteners. Metric Fastener Selection:

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M12 signifies that the shank is 12 mm diameter. The length will vary. +++ Another tip: The A/F size of a standard M12 bolt or nut is 19mm, so close to 3/4" that the latter spanner will work – but.

A FREE TABLE Showing Decimal to Metric Conversion of METRIC SCREWS & TORX METRIC SCREWS.

Tap size: basic major dia (mm) Basic major dia (inch) mm per thread: Drill size (mm) Drill size (inch)

 · M10 means metric thread 10mm outer diameter of the screw or theaded rod that fits through, the 0.3 mm extra are for easier handling. The specification of the washer is M10 x 20 x 3 This is an absolute standard size on the continent, get it at any.

Connection Service Co. maintains a vast fastener inventory and offers everything from stainless steel nuts and bolts, to sheet metal screws, threaded studs and more. We always go the extra mile to offer custom fastener packaging and stocking.

M6 Cap Head Dimensions Using fewer socket screws of the same size can achieve the same clamping force in the joint. A joint requiring twelve 1-3/8" Grade 5 hex heads would need only 7 UNBRAKO socket head cap screws. Use them size for size and there are fewer holes to drill and tap and fewer screws to buy and handle.

Metric tire conversion can be quite a pain. With inch tire sizes the first number is the height and the second is the width. Well, with metric sizes the first number is the width and the second is the percent of the width that is the sidewall height.