Loose exhaust nuts. Discussion in ‘Engine, Fuel and Exhaust’ started by cdn-bigfoot, Recommended for bolts up to 1.5" (36 mm) in diameter.. they’ll stay tight and when needed will come loose without having to put heat to them and by heat i mean a flame . BOWHIKER, Apr 1, 2010 #5.

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How to remove your exhaust manifold (headder) bolts the right way without stripping or snapping the bolts of a Motorcycle and or car.

How to stop Manifold To Turbo Nuts coming loose? Thread in ‘Technical. Tried the exhaust paste with the locking nuts on the threads. Still keep coming loose. Any other suggestions?. I assume they can only be used the once. As when i did mine i reused it aswell as exhaust paste and just.

And like many household machines, the personal computer. air-intake or exhaust vents. style="padding:2px; font-size:10pt;"> Cool Differently: You replaced your whiny fans with quiet ones, and you.

gpz1100 m13 bolt So the very next day, with full aid climbing paraphernalia and a sack full of bolts, my father and I drove over Passo Fedaia and I started to attack the ‘roof’. I soon discovered that bolting a nearly.

Blue loctite on bolts. Got 8 flights out of it. Last time. Again cleaned everything with acetone,Yes including using a Q-tip for the threads on the engine, used copper RTV on everything, no loctite, same waiting 15 minute waiting, and used lock washers on the bolts. after a ten minute flight, muffler was loose.

7 Replacing the EGR Valve That check engine light might also come on if you have a faulty exhaust-gas-recirculation. plug you’ll need to slowly remove the bolts, leaving the forward-most bolts.

How to Fix a Loose Muffler Pipe by Mark O’Brien When you hear your muffler scraping on the ground or rattling while you are driving your vehicle, then there is a good chance that the straps that hold the muffler against the vehicle frame have rusted out and broken or the muffler bracket bolts have become loose.


 · help oil leaking around exhaust pipe/engine. i just noticed that theres oil coming out at the bottem of the header where it bolts to the engine. its not much about 2 table spoons worth in an half hours worh of riding. she doesnt smoke.so im confused some body told me to pull my header off and replace the exhaust gasket and a o ring thats.