Bolts and screws are commonly used fasteners to keep the machine parts together. There are many different types of bolts and screws – varying types of heads, threads and more. Different versions are used depending on the application requirement. Many times people misuse the terms "bolt" and "screw".

There so many different types of fasteners available that most hardware stores usually have an entire aisle dedicated to them. However, we’re going to go over the basics between screws, bolts, and nails, and when you should use one over the other in different scenarios.

Shoulder bolts are screws with an unthreaded shoulder that is larger in diameter than the threads. Also known as stripper bolts. shoulder bolts; Allen. Allen (hex socket) drive is a six-sided recess for use with an allen wrench (hex key). stainless steel 18-8.

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A hex "tap" bolt is a term used to describe a fully threaded hex bolt. Many of our customers will use the terms "Hex Tap Bolt" and "Fully Threaded hex cap screw" interchangeably. Remember, that in the U.S., a "bolt" is a fastener that is designed to be used with a nut.

What is the difference between a hex bolt and a hex cap screw? A hex cap screw has tighter tolerances on the body dimensions and features a chamfered end and a washer face under the bolt head. A hex cap screw is often called a finished hex bolt. hex bolts have a flat end and lack the washer face under the head.

Bolts, screws and studs are used extensively in the manufacturing industry. Although similar in appearance, however, each item has its own unique purpose and characteristics. To learn more about the nuances between bolts, screws and studs – and which one is right for your application – keep reading.

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