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The point on a self-drilling screw is designed to efficiently remove material and precisely size the hole for the thread. The length of the drill flute determines the metal thickness that can be drilled. Due to their need to drill and tap into various materials, the standard self-drilling screw is a case hardened heat-treated carbon steel.

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A self-tapping screw is a type of screw that taps and threads its own hole as it is installed. Different tapping styles are used with different materials.

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A Self-Tapping Screw can be referred to as simply a Tapping Screw. However it is also often called a Sheet Metal Screw because they are primarily used in sheet metal. Whichever name is used, these names are for screws that form mating threads ("tapping" the threads) in a pre-drilled hole in the substrate into which they are driven.

Self-tapping screws are concrete screws that tap threads into the base material such as concrete, brick or block. A hole must first be drilled into the base material and, as the concrete screw is inserted into the hole, the threads are tapped. There are many brand names of concrete screws on the market today.

The Teks #10 x 3/4 in. Zinc-Plated Steel The Teks #10 x 3/4 in. Zinc-Plated Steel Hex Washer-Head Self-Tapping Screws (150-Pack) can be used to fasten thicker gauge metal to metal and hardware to steel in air-conditioning heating electrical and ventilation applications. Zinc-plated finish. drill point removes material and sizes the hole for threads.