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Lock washers. Split lock washers place tension against a nut after tightening, to help prevent loosening. Stainless steel 18-8. A corrosion resistant steel alloy. The most common stainless steel for general hardware use. Stainless steel 18-8 black oxide finish. A corrosion resistant steel alloy. The most common stainless steel for general.

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Wipe any hard-water deposits that have accumulated on the stem, packing nut and within the fixture handle with white vinegar and a soft scrubber. Look for the washer. If it’s not resting in the well.

It is used on applications ranging from automobiles to cell tower antennas. The image below shows an example of a bolt, nut, and flat washer.

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About this Calculator What is it for? This calculator can be used as an aid to help estimate the weight of bolts, nuts, and washers. We provide it as a resource for our customers, because the weight of a bolt or assembly is often needed when calculating shipping costs, or jobsite delivery requirements.

Plumber’s putty applied around the lip of the sink drain works in conjunction with a rubber washer located behind the mounting nut, which secures the drain to the sink. A failure of one or both of.

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Flat washers allow for a greater clamping force for the same torque on a nut & bolt, as far as I know. The fastener is easier to tighten due to the two bareing surfaces and, obviously, is therefore easier to loosen off too.

Sand the edges of the cut, using 320-grit wet/dry sandpaper. Remove the slip joint washer from the slip nut you left connected to the drain line. Insert a new, rubber slip joint washer into the slip.

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