Kawasaki Z750 Overview. If you’re a motorbike fiend and are looking for style combined with a good engine, the Kawasaki Z750 is exactly what you want. Before it was given a makeover, it was completely unappreciated and now it’s being praised for its engine which allows riders to test their limits without a lot of backlash.

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Almost totally ignored in its’ short production life, there are just a few of us that it made a big impression on. It lurks in the shadow of its’ big brother, just waiting for a newbie to press its starter, sigh, kick it over and take it up the road.

In addition to its new Z750 HSDPA phone, Sony Ericsson yesterday announced a. Stay tuned for our complete sony ericsson ctia photo gallery. Endgame review — Three-hour Marvel thrill ride tops.

2003 Kawasaki Z1000: MD Ride Review Okay, let’s get past the “standard” moniker, and move into the 21st century. “naked” bikes are all the rage, and Kawasaki’s brand new Z1000 breaks new ground in a couple of areas (more about that later).

The Good The Sony Ericsson Z750a had an enjoyable feature set, user-friendly controls, a brilliant display, and satisfying call quality. The Bad The Sony Ericsson Z750a’s construction felt a tad.

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The Z750’s predecessor, the ZR750, was first introduced in Europe in 1999, and a version of the 738cc bike was sold in the U.S. from 2000 to 2003. Built on old parts-bin technology, the ZR750 was a decent all-rounder that was held back by a meek two-valve, air-cooled engine (from an old GPz) and an antiquated chassis.

Not that the Z750 isn’t better than most riders. Au contraire, the way the 41 mm right-side-up forks cope with fast road work never fails to amaze me. This Z750 caught me a bit unprepared. I was planning to review a do-it all, budget "anti Honda 599", a middle of the road thing with just a pinch of pose and I ended up not wanting to give it back.

Sv650 Clutch Plates Now there is some differing opinion as to whether the plates need to be soaked in oil for install or put in dry, and my opinion is: you should. It adds to the lubrication of the plates while waiting for the oil system to coat them and lessens wear. Plus it won’t hurt anything. (unless a bike has a dry clutch which this doesn’t)

Read the 2005 Kawasai Z750S Motorcycle road test and review by the motorcycle experts at. First Ride: 2005 kawasai z750s.. kawasaki had such a bike–its Z750–so the company tweaked it.